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Reflect Outdoor Balm is simply the best protection against the sun that I have ever used, and I have tried them all. Due to a skin problem, I cannot tolerate conventional sunscreens or anything coated with silicones, I am also wary of nano particles, I had looked forever and ever for a decent one. Thanks so much for your superb product.

Maren, Virginia USA

My skin took a dramatic shift once I started using the Miessence products. It went from bumpy and uneven to smooth and glowing. I look forward to washing my face, moisturizing and replenishing because the benefits are so encouraging. We (me and my skin) are in love!

Amy, California USA

The products smell gorgeous, uplift your senses and the bottom line is they work. And for an organic line they offer great value for money. The toothpaste lasts ages! I hope these large chemical cosmetic companies are feeling the threat now. Organic and chemical free is the only way forward. Thank you Miessence.

Hannah, Great Britian

Skin Essentials Pack – Purifying


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Cleanser 8.5 fl oz/ 250ml
Skin Conditioner 3.4 fl oz/100ml
Moisturizer 1.7 fl oz/50ml

Purifying skin profile is specifically designed to help oily or problem skin containing purifying and toning organic echinacea, plantain, calendula, witch hazel, tea tree and lemon myrtle. The three main products you need in the Purifying Range to start your organic beauty routine. With this one pack you are well on your way to having skin that radiates health and well being.

Please visit the Purifying Cleanser, Purifying Skin Conditioner and Purifying Moisturizer pages for ingredients and product highlights.

Ingredients Benefits
Please see individual product pages for details
  • How To

    Use the three step Skin Essentials routine twice daily in the morning and evening. Cleanse: Gently press the face with a warm, soft cloth to soften and prepare the skin for cleansing. Massage one or two pumps of cleanser into your face and neck. Remove with a damp cloth and plenty of water. If wearing make-up, a second cleanse is necessary. Conditioning: On clean moist skin, massage 2 to 3 pumps of conditioner gently onto face, throat and decolletage. Moisturize: Apply one to two pumps of your moisturizer to the palm of your hand then pat and press gently onto your face, throat and decolletage.


W. Perkin

I worked as a Beauty Therapist for many years and used various high tech professional salon and retail beauty products on my skin. The products produced good results at first but gradually my skin started break down and become very sensitive with dry red patches even though I have a generally oily skin. A Naturopath suggested that I use more natural products on my skin. I was reluctant to change at first as like most women I wanted my skin to look youthful and was afraid that organic products may not give me results I was after. I am happy to say that I am getting great results using the miessence Purifying skin care range in conjunction with the Probiotic Skin Brightener. I no longer have the dry red patches, my skin feels soft, looks refined and definitely has the glow that I was wanting.


I just love the products that I bought. I use the Purifying skin care system and it is just delicious!

Linda T

For many years (20 or so) I have suffered from adult acne, especially cyst type acne around my cheek and jaw area. I have had some success short term but nothing that kept my skin improving. I discovered miessence 12 months ago and at first my skin reacted and I had more redness but was advised to keep going and allow my skin to detoxify. I continued using a combination of soothing products and rejuvenating profile, masks, and the beautiful serums. Members of my family had not seen me for 4 months and couldn’t believe the difference in my appearance over that time. 12 months down the track I am still seeing improvement. I no longer have lumpy cysts break out, my puffiness has gone and my scarring is gradually improving. I love the fact that this is being achieved without harsh products that strip my skin. I will definitely continue to use miessence skin care products…they are just wonderful!


My teenage daughter loves the purifying skin care line. It smells amazing and it doesn’t burn her skin the way other products have. I love the rejuvenating skin care line and I can’t believe it’s so affordable!


The Purifying Range has made a huge difference to my skin as it is no longer as oily and my breakouts have reduced. I love it!


I was really blown away when I used the the face cleanser, conditioner and moisturizer, however I used an existing cream I own that I have for my eyes. For the first time I could feel a distinctive difference in the feeling the products had on my skin. I never noticed before, but used next to each other; I could really tell the difference between the natural, fresh organic products versus my older “clinical” chemical products, as the old eye cream felt comparatively harsh on my skin and didn’t have the same light, fresh and alive feeling the rest of my face had as a result of the Miessence products.


After trying a few different moisturizers I found something that I love (no chemicals for this lady’s skin!) and can afford – the purifying moisturizer. It smells very mild and my skin appreciates the moisture!


I have suffered from acne prone skin since my teens and have found that mainstream products may cure the problem in the short term, but after a month my skin is back to breaking out. I have tried your Balancing Range and Purifying Range and find that the Balancing is perfect as it still provides me with the moisture i need in certain areas. I adore the purifying mask and garnet scrub and find that my skin is brighter and soft after using. All the ingredients in the products are there to help and nurture the skin. I look forward to trying more products 🙂 THANKYOU

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