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For many years (20 or so) I have suffered from adult acne. I have had some success short term but nothing that kept my skin improving. I discovered Miessence 12 months ago and at first I had more redness but was advised to keep going and allow my skin to detoxify. I continued using a combination of soothing products and rejuvenating profile, masks and the beautiful serums. Members of my family had not seen me for 4 months and couldn’t believe the difference in my appearance over that time. 12 months down the track I no longer have lumpy cysts, my puffiness has gone and my scarring is gradually improving. I love the fact that this is being achieved without harsh products that strip my skin. I will definitely continue to use Miessence skin care products…they are just wonderful!

Linda, VIC Australia

Great products! Well worth what I paid for them. They are not an extravagance, they are a necessity! My pores appear smaller, and the Garnet Exfoliant has just about completely gotten rid of the bumps in my skin by opening the clogged pores.

Sam, Wisconsin USA

My skin took a dramatic shift once I started using the Miessence products. It went from bumpy and uneven to smooth and glowing. I look forward to washing my face, moisturizing and replenishing because the benefits are so encouraging. We (me and my skin) are in love!

Amy, California USA

Mint Toothpaste


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5.3 oz / 150 g

Cleanse and brighten your teeth with bicarb soda (baking soda). Freshens your breath and maintains healthy teeth and gums. Miessence toothpastes do not contain fluoride, aluminum, artificial sweeteners or detergents.

Ingredients Benefits
Certified Organic Aloe Barbadensis (aloe vera) Leaf Juice Aloe vera has healing soothing, antibacterial and moisturizing properties. It is used to relieve burning, itching, minor cuts and first and second degree burns. Recent studies indicate that aloe vera has the ability to accelerate cell (basal keratinocyte) growth in the skin.
Sodium Bicarbonate Mild abrasive, cleansing and natural whitening. (also known as Baking Soda)
Non-GMO Xanthan Gum Xantham Gum is formed when sugar is fermented by the bacteria Xanthomonas campestris. The bacteria ferment sugar to form a gummy substance. It is used as a thickener, stabilizer, and emulsifier in many dairy products, desserts, and salad dressings.
Sea Salt Mineral rich sea salt, antibacterial, soothing, healing.
Certified Organic Mentha Spicata (spearmint) Essential Oil Steam distilled from the fresh flowering tops of the plant. Spearmint oil is antibacterial, relieves mental strain and cheers you up!
Certified Organic Mentha Piperita (peppermint) Essential Oil Steam distilled from the fresh leaves of the peppermint herb. Peppermint is natural antiseptic, anti-ulcer, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory.
Stevia Rebaudiana Extract A natural sweetener 300 times sweeter than sugar, without the dental caries problems.
Certified Organic Cinnamomum Zeylanicum (cinnamon) Leaf Essential Oil Steam distilled from the cinnamon leaf. Cinnamon soothes and cools and has antimicrobial and astringent properties. It is traditionally used in tooth and gum care.
Certified Organic Syzygium Aromatica (clove) Bud Essential Oil Steam distilled from the Clove flower buds. Clove oil is packed with anti-oxidants, is antiseptic, stimulating and pain-killing.
  • How To

    Apply with a toothbrush morning and night after meals.

  • A Little Goes A Long Way

    Because our product is ultra-concentrated, only a small amount is needed for optimum results!


L. Bishop

Mint Toothpaste reminds me of the olden days before all the gunk and paste was added to tooth powder. This toothpaste leaves your teeth sparkling clean with no yucky residue in your mouth.

Julie O'Neill

Because I had been using conventional toothpaste for so long when I changed to the Miessence toothpaste I thought my mouth didn’t feel as clean. I was determined to persevere and after using the toothpaste for about 3mths noticed an enormous difference in my teeth and the overall health of my mouth. The most noticeable difference was that my husband and I both stopped getting mouth ulsers. I believe the reason for this is that normal toothpaste is so strong it kills all the good bacteria along with everything else, so your mouth can’t fight infection as affectively. The second thing is that my teeth are whiter than they have been for years. Like a lot of people I had been seduced into believing that I needed a special product to ‘whiten’ my teeth. I tried a couple of the leading products from the supermarket only to find that it left me feeling sick in the stomach and the white effect only lasted a couple of weeks (and one time looked ridiculously fake). I haven’t done anything to my teeth for the past 2 years apart from brush them with Miessence toothpaste and I am really happy with the colour and health of my mouth and gums. The third thing I really noticed was that I can now clean my teeth and eat straight afterwards without the food tasting terrible. The reason is that there are no residue chemicals in my mouth! I hope this has been helpful.


I went back to my normal toothpaste for a few days and WOW! what a difference, I felt a horrible film of chemicals after brushing that I had never noticed before, so needless to say from now on I will only be using miessence organic toothpaste. I have recently begun a nutrition course and have started to research not only the things we eat but every thing that enters our body and have been horrified by the amount of chemicals, toxins, carcinogens that unknowingly we ingest, breath in, rub on our body. I am a true believer in natural is best and love your range, I cant wait to expand and am looking forward to my next order.


I love the Mint Toothpaste. It leaves my teeth and mouth feeling fresh and clean, with no chemical aftertaste. Yes!! This toothpaste does brighten your teeth with regular use and I look forward to that all organic super clean feeling.


I have been using the toothpaste since my first order arrived the first of February. My husband has been using since sometime in February/March when our other toothpaste ran empty. Well….my husband went for his first dental exam in about 10 years on March 10th. His teeth were wonderful, but he had some severe gaps from progressed periodontal disease. July they couldn’t believe how well his gums were already healing and responding. Well, he just had another 3 month cleaning and his hygienist kept saying how she couldn’t believe how much they have improved and how she has never seen gums improve so quickly.


Why does the stevia ingredient not say its organic. It needs to be organic.


Hi Teresa! I will check with Miessence support on the details of the stevia.

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