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I received my order of five essential oils, rose hydration mist and mint toothpaste and have had some time to play with them. I AM SO IMPRESSED BY ALL!

Emily, Arizona USA

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the products! I especially love the shampoo – I am neurotic with taking showers, partly because my hair tends to get oily often. I showered with the lemon myrtle shampoo and WHAT A DIFFERENCE – my hair is not oily at all!

Suzanne, Georgia USA

I have recently begun a nutrition course and have started to research not only the things we eat but everything that enters our body and have been horrified by the amount of chemicals, toxins, carcinogens that unknowingly we ingest, breath in, rub on our body. I am a true believer in natural is best and love your range, I can’t wait to expand and am looking forward to my next order.

Fiona, NSW Australia

Berry Radical Antioxidant Superfood


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105 g / 3.7 oz

Berry Radical is a delicious combination of 9 of the worlds most potent, antioxidant, organic super-foods.

Berry Radical is a revolutionary organic wholefood supplement, designed to assist the body in attaining vibrant health, wellbeing and longevity. The ingredients in Berry Radical have been proven to assist the body in neutralizing free radical damage, protecting our cells, supporting a healthy immune function and may slow the processes associated with aging.

ORAC, short for Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity, is a standardized measurement of the total antioxidant power of a food. Antioxidant power is the substance’s ability to neutralize oxygen free radicals in the body. The more free radicals a substance can absorb, the higher it’s ORAC score. Nutritionists recommend that we consume the 7 servings of fruits and vegetables of per day to significantly impact antioxidant activity in the body and reduce free radical damage.

Seven servings of fruits or vegetables provides approximately 3500 ORAC units. One 3.5g teaspoon serving of Berry Radical contains over 4000 ORAC units! One 105g tub contains 123,375 ORAC units.

Berry Radical offers one of the industry’s highest ORAC scores per serving for antioxidant supplement and the highest for an organic supplement.

Many fruits are more than 90 percent water, which means you get at least 10 times the nutrients in a freeze-dried fruit than the fresh fruit or a rehydrated juice. In addition, powders do not require the preservatives that juices do. The freeze drying process does not kill the enzymes, but puts them in a state of suspended animation brought “back to life” by adding the Berry Radical to liquid.

Download our Berry Radical Fact Sheet for laboratory results and additional details. 

Ingredients Benefits
Certified Organic Raw Unrefined Cacao Powder Grown and harvested ethically and sustainably in Ecuador, raw organic cacao contains the antioxidant polyphenols, catechin, epicatechin and gallic acid. Cacao is believed to be the richest source of magnesium of any common food and many experts believe that even with a healthy diet most people are lacking magnesium. Epicatechin and it's metabolites have been singled out as providing cacao's vasodilation benefits, which help protect against high blood pressure. Cacao provides significant protection to cardiovascular health, and has been found to provide more than 21 times the free radical protection of green tea.
Organic Dried Coffee Fruit Extract Organic whole coffee fruit is loaded with high concentrations of beneficial antioxidants and other extraordinary nutrients including polyphenols, chlorogenic, caffeic and ferulic acid. Coffee fruit is so exceptionally rich in antioxidants because it grows in high altitude, low-latitude regions where the sun's rays are strongest. As the plants mature, they develop powerful antioxidants to protect them from damage caused by high doses of the sun's radiation and the natural by-products of photosynthesis. One gram of our raw coffee concentrate provides the same free radical protection as over two kilograms of grapes.
Certified Organic Freeze Dried Olive Juice Extract Powerhouse antioxidant polyphenols are extracted from the pulp of fresh, organically grown olives. Hydroxytyrosol is the natural olive polyphenol with the highest level of free radical protection activity ever reported for any natural antioxidant compound! While the olive has received most attention for its oil, until now the olive water, or juice, has been a mere byproduct of olive production. In fact, disposal of the juice has been costly for the industry. After all, the olive is only 15-20% oil and more than 50% juice. So what have we been throwing away? The answer is olive polyphenols, especially hydroxytyrosol, a highly potent and protective antioxidant. In fact, polyphenols are much more prevalent in the olive juice than in the oil. Yet it is these unique polyphenols that are considered responsible for extra virgin olive oil's health benefits. Imagine the antioxidant capacity of olive juice with up to 300 times more polyphenols than the oil!
Certified Organic Freeze Dried Pomegranate Powder Contains the polyphenol antioxidants, punicalagins and ellagic acid. Research suggests that pomegranate may be beneficial for artherosclerosis, heart disease, osteoarthritis and prostate cancer.
Certified Organic Freeze Dried Goji Berry Powder The 'red diamond' of Traditional Chinese Medicine for over 2000 years, contains the powerful carotenoid antioxidants, zeaxanthin, beta-carotene, lutein, lycopene, cryptoxanthin and xanthophyll. Carotenoids are thought to protect against cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases, vision-related diseases (such as agerelated macular degeneration and glaucoma), and are anticancer agents.
Certified Organic Freeze Dried Acai Berry Powder Wild harvested sustainably and fairly from the Amazon forest, the powerful purple berry, Açaí (ah-sigh-ee) contains a potent antioxidant, anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are a group of phytochemicals found in red wine that are thought to contribute to the "French paradox", i.e. France has one of the lowest incidences of heart disease of any western society despite the prevalence of smoking and a diet high in saturated fat and cholesterol. Açaí contains anthocyanins, at 10-30 times the concentration found in red wine. Other potential physiological effects of anthocyanins include radiation-protective, chemo-protective, vaso-protective and anti-inflammatory.
Certified Organic Freeze Dried Blueberry Powder Blueberries contain the polyphenolic antioxidant anthocyanins. Anthocyanins, which are flavonoids, were found in one study to have the strongest antioxidant power of 150 flavonoids tested. Anthocyanins have been shown to exhibit anti-inflammatory properties and protect both large and small blood vessels (including those in the eyes) from oxidative damage.
Certified Organic Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder Raspberries contain the polyphenol antioxidant ellagic acid, that has been shown to reduce heart disease, birth defects, liver problems, and promote wound healing. Ellagic acid may help inhibit different types of cancer causing agents, including aflatoxin and nitrosamines. Ellagic acid seems to have some anti-cancer properties and has been found to cause death in cancer cells in the lab.
Certified Organic Freeze Dried Strawberry Powder Strawberries are a rich source of the polyphenol antioxidants, quercetin, ellagic acid and anthocyanin. Quercetin has been shown to protect colon, breast, ovarian and gastrointestinal cells against cancer growth. Quercetin has also been shown to protect strokes, cataracts, viruses and allergies.
  • How To

    Use one heaping teaspoon 1-3 times a day to make a delicious beverage by blending Berry Radical with hot water and your choice of milk. Sweeten to taste. Add to your favorite smoothie recipe, yogurt or applesauce to supercharge it!


A. A.

I have been having my daily “hit” of Berry Radical everyday – rarely miss out and I have not had one sniffle since the day I started.In the past I would get at least 3-4 colds a year, since Berry Radical – not one. I have also taken a number of overseas and interstate trips – not a sniffle. Last flu season I survived my daily clinics at work with some pretty nasty flu bugs doing the rounds – not a sniflle.

Yasuko Hirose

This is my favorite recipe for Berry Radical; 1 Sachet of Berry Radical, Some Soy milk, 1-2 Tea Spoon Beet Sugar(or honey) 1. Mix Berry Radical and Sugar beet, add a little bit of boiled water to make a paste. 2. Pour Soy milk into paste. Add some ice cubes to cold drink.(use warm Soy milk in winter season) When I have this special drink in the night, I have really lucent skin next morning.

Julie Garlick

Hi there. Guess what I did with the Berry Radical powder on Saturday??? Added two teaspoons of honey and a little warm water to make a sauce ….and put it over my buckwheat pancake, organic banana, berries….and ice-cream!!!! Yummy!!! Just thought I’d tell you how good it was!!!

Fran McCollum

I hope this benefits other people as it has helped me! *BERRY RADICAL RECIPE in 4 qt Ice Cream Maker, 2 qts creamy milk or real cream Half and Half, 2 cups Rapidura or other sugar (decrease a bit to use stevia for part of this), 2 Tablespoons organic vanilla, 2 bananas (half an organic high-chocolate candy bar if desired, as shavings/chips) I put in: 2 qts of organic, super-creamy raw goat’s milk that I’m lucky enough to buy locally! (If you use half and half, avoid corn syrup used as a cheap substitute for real cream.)


I love this product, it feels so full of good energy and have consistently taken it since it was first developed. Berry Superfoods are so in vogue and this has so many amazing ingredients that are being popularised in expensive watery versions! When people ask me how my skin looks so great and what supplements I use, I proudly say I use Miessence for ALL my skincare, toiletries and supplements without hesitation.


Besides the critical health benefit of fighting off free radical damage, I find Berry Radical to have a nice calming effect on me after I take it. Maybe its the loads of magnesium in the raw cacao. Not sure exactly how it works its magic, but I sure love my evening Berry Radical with honey and warm water!


During my first trimester with my 2nd baby, I experienced a significant amount of sickness. The middle of the night was the worst until I realized that the baby simply wanted a good dose of Berry Radical. So, before going to bed, I’d take a heaping teaspoon of Berry Radical in a gently warmed cup of rice milk and fall asleep with ease. In addition, I found that Berry Radical in the middle of the afternoon was also a lovely choice to ease the tiredness. Berry Radical has been a life-saver the last 12 weeks. 🙂


The most noticeable thing with Berry Radical is its calming factor, its is very relaxing to drink & acts like a relaxant for my husband, my 2yo & myself. Also, it has been a great craving buster… especially heading into the evening after dinner when you feel like that yummy something, Berry Radical has deterred many sugar cravings ! We all love having Berry Radical with a bit of maca powder, raw honey & oat milk like a warming choccie drink ! ♥


My young nieces were home for 7 wks and brought in bronchitits. They had struggled with kicking it for several weeks. I was so focused on my two toddlers who continued to be exposed to them several times a week. I’d pump them with extra doses of Berry Radical (InLiven & Deep Green) that I became lazy and didn’t take care of myself by taking it for 3 wks. The kids stayed healthy and well, but I ended up with double ear, sinus, left kidney infection & after a week, walking pneumonia. Sounds like a bad dream as the doctor told me he never saw me ill my whole life. I do know one thing…I have not, nor will not miss another daily dose of Berry Radical, InLiven and Deep Green in my life! My kids are proof enough!!

Natasha Walsh

Berry Radical is a wonderful treat for this chocoholic! There have been many a time in the evenings where I would love to devour some cake or cookies – chocolate – but instead reach for Berry Radical, and this is enough. Also, being fair skinned, I burn easily, but I have found that after I started using this product, there were no problems anymore when I was out in the sun. And this is without using sun cream. Of course, if I was out for long periods, I would be sure to apply, but for about an hour or so, there wasn’t any issue.

Sandra Schalk-Otte

Taking antioxidants is essential to combat disease, but can be boring! To make it more fun for my little girls i tried something else than putting it in a smoothie: make chocolates! Real Dark chocolate (not too bad for you), melt it, leave it so it’s not too hot (to not damage the antioxidants) and then add berry radical! fun and not too unhealthy! How easy it is to get those goodies into my girls…


I just love this stuff. Raw, Vegan, and I’m packed FULL of energy after drinking it…fabulous. I got *into* taking Berry Radical daily with my third child who at 9months decided it would be fun to feed three times a night again, and then all day again. Yay! she was getting great nutrition but I needed the boost to actually function like a normal human being. The way I have it is as a warmed drink in Oatmilk with a small dollop of raw honey, or, added to a banana smoothie with In-Liven and a little Flaxseed Oil.


Love it… Take before bed with a little warm water and a spot of honey. Nice to know I’m giving my body exactly what it needs to counteract the constant attack from free radicals AND it tastes good and is so easy to take every day. Recommend it highly…


I used to rely on coffee to wake me up in the morning and get me through the afternoon but not any more thanks to Berry Radical. I started replacing my coffee with a hot cuppa Radical made with organic milk instead. Not only does it nourish my body with antioxidants but it tastes great (a little like hot chocolate) and the ritual of a nice hot cuppa always soothes the soul. Since I’ve started cutting down on dairy I will often have it in a smoothie with fresh fruit, ground flax seeds and organic apple juice, it tastes great this way too and now that I’ve broken the habit and dependency on coffee I don’t even miss it!


I use Berry Radical regularly as an anti-oxidant boost, and I just love the taste of it. The combination of cocoa and berries is unusual, but delicious! I mix it with almond milk – wonderfully creamy but without the dairy. I have been using a delectable variety of Miessence products for six years now and I haven’t been ill in ages!

Sara Wood

I mix Berry Radical in my yoghurt with In-liven probiotics and berries every day. I love the fact that it makes my yoghurt taste like chocolate and I get a boost of energy and its fills me up so that I don’t feel like snacking on the wrong foods in the afternoon. So many ways to have Berry Radical and its makes drinks and food taste so yummy!!!

Sarah Ray Bunn

As an endurance athlete, the antioxidants in Berry Radical are very important for me to avoid oxidative stress. I have completed an international triathlon this summer and am well into training for the Marine Corp Marathon. After every run I make my own super food with yogurt, Berry Radical, Inliven and Deep Green mixed together. My body craves it!


When I’m getting my dose of antioxidants from Berry Radical I know my immune system is stronger and fights off colds/flu, and makes any sniffle short lived. Two years using it and only one cold that warrants memory! Plus, it helped me boost my body after a debilitating South American parasite, allowing me to undertake a 5 day high-altitude mountain trek just one day after getting it under control! It’s my morning booster!

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