MiAccount Training Resource Library

New representatives will have immediate access to their own personal business management and training site called MiAccount. The site provides many state of the art tools and training information available at your fingertips under your own account. A library of training calls and webinars cover every aspect of the the Miessence business. Access the information and train when its convenient for you.

  • Representative Training
  • Product Training
  • Business Building Training
  • Leadership
  • Compensation Plan


1380801_749610351721157_1451553411_nConference Calls with Miessence Home Office Directors and Expert Guest Speakers

Ongoing training calls occur weekly and cover a broad range of topics from product training, to business training, to new tools and company news. Join the creator of the Miessence products, Narelle Chenery, for a live Q&A on Fridays with Narelle. Special business building topics, company promotion and guest speaker calls are also offered consistently throughout the month.


Getting_Started_Booklet.pdfMiBusiness Sales Training

The MiBusiness Sales approach is based on the wisdom that your job as a Representative is not to “sell” the Miessence products or even the business opportunity to potential customers or partners in the conventional sense. Instead it’s to serve them by helping them “buy” the traditional way. What do they want and why do they want it? If its certified organic products made to the highest purity, potency and freshness standards, then you can present your solutions. In exchange you will receive what you want as a natural consequence of the integrity of your thinking and your approach.

Our unique and thorough MiBusiness training will give anyone (regardless of their past experience or training) the skills needed to build a Miessence business in any strategy that feels right for them. Strategies include person to person, online, home parties or public presentations, trade shows and advertising.

Team Organic Glow Training Calls

Alison Price, your sponsor and upline team leader will personally support you in getting started with 1 on 1 coaching and accountability calls and email support

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