The nature of a network marketing company recognizes impact of an individual as well as building synergy as a team. The support you will receive from your upline, Alison Price owner of Organic Glow (your sponsor), Miessence corporate staff and the family of thousands of Miessence representatives around the globe will provide the assistance and encouragement you will need to grow your own organic business.



As part of Team Organic Glow, your personal mentor Alison Price, will assist you with questions on the opportunity, the company, getting started with your business, forming a business strategy, network marketing, attracting loyal customers, attracting hardworking representatives and staying on track to reach your goals. Joining a profitable and motivated team is the first step in your success with ONEGroup and ours is the most proactive and supportive team in the business. Alison is committed to helping you build your business and will make sure you have the tools you need. Be assured that your team consists of the most accomplished reps in ONEGroup who have a track record of success, have been with the company for years and who work closely with ONEGroup’s directors at the helm of the ship. Ultimately it is your business but you will have the support you need to reach any goal you aspire to reach. We’d love to work with you!




The Miessence corporate office staff is available to you as a reliable, friendly and supportive rep resource for any customer service, in-depth product questions, returns or technical support issues.

Miessence Head Office North America Office
Phone: +61-7-5539-2011 Phone: 612-284-3970
Fax: +61-7-5539-6719 Fax: 855-284-3970




Miessence Corporate Facebook Page

By liking the Miessence Facebook page you can stay informed of company news, pick up tips, and helpful information as well as get to know great people from all over the world that share similar interests around health and organics along with creating a successful home business. All are welcome including current and prospective customers and reps. Stop by and say hello!



Miessence Alliance Rep Forum




A forum created just for Miessence representatives. A fun and lively place for Miessence reps worldwide to share ideas, information and success! Specific groups exist for different business strategies, general questions, product questions, support and meeting other like minded reps. Miessence corporate staff also weigh in on questions. Be sure to use the search feature to see if your questions have already been answered and/or connect with others on a particular topic.

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