Organic Home Business Details


Are you interested in hearing details about becoming a Miessence rep and starting your own business sharing certified organic products of the highest integrity?

Click here to watch the Miessence Organic Revolution presentation that could change your future for the better.

The 30 minute Organic Revolution presentation will cover the following topics:

  • The company, the product line and the market we serve
  • Trends and timing
  • Compensation plan
  • The power of leveraging income
  • How to get started

There’s a revolution happening in the way the world does business!

We believe that a successful business should:

  •     Offer the most pure, potent and freshly made certified organic products
  •     Zero harm to our environment or animals with whom we share our planet
  •     Maintain certified carbon negative shipping
  •     Ethically source ingredients
  •     Support and fairly pay the farmers who provide them
  •     Be ecologically as well as financially sustainable
  •     Be good for the soul as well as the body
  •     Provide maximum reward for effort
  •     Help as many people as possible
  •     Support your values

If Miessence is the type of business you would like to be a part of, then I invite you to listen to this special 30 minute online presentation. I’m available to discuss any questions you have on a scheduled call or via email. Use the form below to take the next steps in starting your own certified organic home business!

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