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Miessence has created an international community of people who recognize the importance of making certified organic products part of every day life. Truly a lifestyle company for organic fanatics seeking the most pure, potent and fresh products on earth! In return, Miessence offers frequent customers the best discounts, free products, expert educational events and more.

Last year, Miessence released a program to reward loyal customers with an easily attainable, continuous 20% off discount. Its easy! All you have to do is make one qualifying purchase of $150 and you will receive 20% off that purchase and also 20% off any and all future purchases, of any size, for life! To maintain your 20% off discount, the only requirement is one purchase annually. You can read the details on the Organic Lifestyle Membership page.

So this year they have come up with a whole new level of savings and benefits for Lifestyle Members called the MiRewards program. Sign up for a flexible and convenient autoship monthly or bimonthly and you’ll receive points for every purchase allowing you to redeem points on free products on future orders! MiRewards members will also be given access to exclusive offers (double points!), a free monthly Miessence Lifestyle E-magazine and transformational organic health expert educational events.

MiRewards is super flexible….

  • Choose from the 5th, 15th or 25th of the month as a ship date
  • Have an order ship every month, or every other month
  • Optional added value product packs of popular products
  • Create one standing order, or a rotation of two standing orders
  • Bypass option which allows you to manually shop on your own to create your qualifying order for the month, cancelling out your standing autoship order

MiRewards is open to Miessence Lifestyle Members and Independent Representatives. (see below for enrollment details)

Change the world – one purchase at a time

Miessence’s range of certified organic products work in harmony with nature to nourish and replenish. No synthetic chemicals are used, so what is returned to nature is as pure as what came out. Considering a switch to food grade certified organic products positively impacts the health of humans, air, water and soil.

To thank you for making a stand with Miessence – and all the sustainable farmers who supply our organic ingredients – for the benefit and love of the planet, we want to welcome you to MiRewards.

MiRewards Benefits

As a MiRewards member, you earn points every purchase which can be redeemed on Miessence products.

That means getting your most used products for free, or put towards products you haven’t already tried – the choice is yours. You may even discover a new favorite!

With MiRewards:

  • Receive free Miessence products
  • Receive exclusive promotional offers
  • An exclusive invitation to spend Fridays with Miessence founder Narelle Chenery for the Fridays with Narelle podcast to learn how to transform your world
  • Free monthly Miessence Lifestyle Member newsletter
  • Receive the best possible price on your favourite Miessence products
  • Receive the cheapest possible shipping
  • Receive convenient automatic delivery on your schedule

Join MiRewards

MiRewards is open to Miessence Lifestyle Members and Independent Representatives.

To join MiRewards:

Lifestyle Members

  • Shop on the Miessence web site and purchase the Premium Body Care Essentials or Skin Essentials Plus pack or place an initial order of $150 or greater (£90, €105, ¥14,000, $NZ170)
  • At checkout, just click the link to Join MiRewards.
  • Follow the easy instruction to set your MiRewards Autoship account

As a MiRewards member, you will start earning points from your very first order.

Miessence Independent Representative

If you are a Miessence Independent Representative, just activate your monthly AutoShip order to receive automatic membership. If  you have questions on how to setup  your autoship order, just let us know.
Ultimate Flexibility: You can change your regular order and preferred payment method at any time through your secure online Miessence account called MiAccount.

You can change the shipping address of your order too – imagine the convenience of having your Miessence products delivered to your holiday destination!

How To Become A Lifestyle Member & Enroll in MiRewards

Miessence Lifestyle Members receive 20% off every order.

Becoming a Lifestyle Member is easy – simply shop on your own to make an initial order of $150 or greater (£90, €105, ¥14,000, $NZ170) or save time and purchase the Miessence Organic Lifestyle Essentials pack as your qualifying purchase.

You will

  • Receive 20% off your initial order
  • Be invited to join MiRewards to experience the convenience of always having your favourite products automatically delivered to your door and earn points on the purchase of Miessence products you use every day
  • You will receive 20% off every future order for life*

*Based on a minimum of one order per year. If you decide to no longer remain in MiRewards, you can retain your 20% Lifestyle Member discount but you must place an order at least once a year.

Do you have questions on how to sign up for MiRewards, how to manage an existing MiRewards autoship order or how to override an existing Autoship order? Simply contact us and we would be happy to help. You may also refer to detailed instructions on  the Organic Glow / Miessence shop MiRewards page. 

While many of us try to eat and drink clean, it is the unfortunate reality that the purity of the air we breathe is for the most part out of our hands. Proposed updates to EPA regulations and the diligent work of Earthjustice, the Clean Air Council, and the Sierra Club have revealed why we need to be aware now. I’d like to share the findings and also share a simple way to support your body’s battle with heavy metal contamination.

Pending its approval by Congress, the EPA is working to release the Boiler Maximum Achievable Control Technology (MACT) which would reduce the toxic pollutants that most industrial boiler plants are spewing into the environment. The list of pollutants includes mercury, lead, chromium and others in amounts exceeding millions of pounds per year. Sadly, lobbyists and those in the industrial plant industry have countered by introducing bills that will permanently exempt them from the Clean Air Act. While the battle for cleaner air rages on, an environmental group called Earthjustice has just released the results of their own study which pinpoints where the worst offending industrial plants are located in hopes of raising public awareness.

Earthjustice research revealed that the states with 50 or more potentially noncompliant boilers include North Carolina with 166, Pennsylvania with 99, South Carolina with 91, Virginia with 87, Indiana with 86, Michigan with 84, Ohio with 83, Wisconsin with 72, Minnesota with 68, Alabama with 61, Illinois with 60, Tennessee with 59, Georgia with 55 and Iowa with 51.

The Earthjustice website stated that the dirtiest of these facilities released more than 160 million pounds of toxic air pollutants like mercury, lead, benzene and acid gases in 2010 alone. The Earthjustice site breaks down by pollutant the current standards of the EPA that are being exceeded by these plants and the numbers are astonishing. The impact of these plants on the pollution of our air is immense and measured in millions of pounds.

“Many people don’t know that major industrial operations often have their own personal power plants, which have not been subject to EPA clean air standards,” said Earthjustice staff attorney Jim Pew. “People who live near industrial power plants pay a disproportionate cost in increased cancer risk, heart attacks, asthma and other respiratory illness. Americans have the right to know where these plants are located and the pollutants they emit. Now they can get this information easily online.”

You can find a detailed lists, facilities maps and further information on the Earthjustice website. If you also live near one of the named heavily polluted areas, please be aware you are being exposed to heavy metals and other pollutants that could be effecting your health. I live in South Carolina, so this study was of particular interest to me when I read the headlines. Although South Carolina is one of the worst ranked in terms of numbers, there are a handful of states that are right there with us.

While we wait for government regulations to help reduce our exposure to these toxic pollutants, be sure to educate yourself on ways to help your body detox pollutants which can accumulate in your body.

Chlorella is one of the main ingredients in our Miessence Deep Green alkalizing organic superfood supplement for good reason. Its an excellent detoxifier associated with its ability to bind with mercury, lead and cadmium and eliminate them from our system. Its perfect for the whole family, even young children. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult with your doctor. Depending on the levels of pollutants in your system, a detox response may be too intense for a growing fetus or breastfeeding child.

If you feel you are suffering from an illness that has been caused or aggravated by industrial pollution, you may want to contact a doctor with a focus in holistic and natural healing. Diagnostic testing exists that can determine the levels of pollutants in your body, while an expert can then devise a treatment plan and monitor your detox.


A big thank you to the innovative directors at Porter Gaud college preparatory day school for including Organic Glow and Miessence in their Girl’s Leadership Eco-Conference. In the bodycare presentation, the girls in grades 1-12 learned that they should be as mindful about what they put on their skin and bodies as they do about what they put into them. Miessence samples of Desert Flower Shampoo, Herbal Shine Conditioner, Sunflower Body Wash and Intensive Body Cream were distributed in recycled juicebox pouches. We are thrilled that the girls will be able to try truly organic products and a seed is planted to be conscious about choosing healthy, safe and effective products.

With teenage girls being a huge market segment for beauty and skincare products, we hope to do more community outreach in the future on this important health topic.

Every ingredient in Miessence certified organic products are as pure as organic food and certified as such. The ingredients include rare and exotic organic herbs, botanicals, fruits, oils, nut and seed butters that are unprocessed, cold pressed and preserved with beneficial essential oils. The most pure, potent and fresh on the planet!



Alissa CohenAlissa Cohen is a world leading expert on health, nutrition and the raw food diet and she is spreading the word about InLiven from Organic! Check out the write-up on Alissa’s page on Open Sky for a special 48 hour promotion.

Author of Living on Live Food the most comprehensive and practical book on raw food, she’s been interviewed on NBC’s Today Show, Celebrity Fit Club, OK Magazine, First for Women Magazine and the Tyra Banks Show. At 44 years old, Cohen has the looks and energy of a 20 year old. She has been eating and teaching raw foods since 1986.

We are so excited to have an authority on Alissa’s level recommend our product to her health conscious, loyal followers!

I first heard about the Rodale Institute through my Miessence training and was so impressed by their important work. The Rodale Institute is a non-profit who’s mission is to generate support for organic farming through research and outreach. For the last sixty years they have been researching every aspect of organic farming and sharing the findings with the farmers of the world.

The Farming Systems Trial is Rodale’s longest running side-by-side U.S. study comparing conventional chemical agriculture with organic methods. The institute gathered data for thirty years for this study and just released the findings this month. You can read the details of the results on the Rodale Institute website, but a basic summary is this; organic farming was found to be superior to conventional in the areas of crop yields, economics, energy consumption, human health and soil health. The bottom line is clear…as the world population grows we need to rely on farming systems that will provide in the face of drought, extreme weather and with less dependence on oil. Organic is the only way forward. Check it out and share the good news!

Have you ever wanted a doctor’s advice regarding natural skincare? Physician Laura Koniver, MD runs a unique on-line skin care course called Skin Happiness that is devoted to teaching women how to care for their skin naturally.  This course is fun and full of great tips for all natural skin care… each day for two weeks participants get a newsletter sent to their email in-box chock full of great skin care advice, tips, techniques, and links to fabulous organic products… including Organic!  Dr. Koniver loves the Miessence line and recommends it highly on her blog as well.

The Skin Happiness course topics range from cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing to sun protection, nutrition, and treating your skin in an energetically balanced way from the inside out.  Touching on lots of great ideas, from techniques to decrease acne to anti-aging strategies and more, this course is fun, easy, and inexpensive.

The next course begins August 22nd, so don’t miss it! You can sign up now using the link below.  Dr. Koniver hosts a number of on-line health care courses, including a Female Health eCourse, a Detox eCourse, Organic Parenting classes and individual Medical Intuition Counseling.

Sign up now HERE!

Questions?  Visit Dr. Koniver’s website at or email her directly at


Beauty Editor Katherine Butler of EcoSalon, the conscious culture and fashion website, has ranked her seven favorite organic products for getting a safe, self tan this summer.

Among the winners is the Miessence mineral bronzer and blush. She writes, “For the ultimate in color, consider separately applying both a bronzer and blush. Some products are meant for blending, as are this bronzer and blush combo from Miessence via Organic“. proudly announces we have been listed as one of EcoSalon’s Top 15 Eco Beauty Boutiques on the web by EcoSalon Beauty Editor Katherine Butler. EcoSalon rounds up their favorite online shops for organic beauty every year updating their findings and listing classic favorites. We are honored…. Check out the article!



About EcoSalon

EcoSalon is the conscious culture and fashion website.

The place for women of substance and style, where we present modern living with heart. We celebrate, we criticize. We cover what’s now – and what’s next – in fashion, culture, shelter, food, and sex. As the #1 website for conscious women, EcoSalon is leading the way to a more holistic definition of green. Influencers read us. Tastemakers read us. Women love us. (And we love you.) Our motto: Have a heart.

What should a consumer look for in a safe and effective sunscreen this summer? We’ve developed a list of tips to help you shop. The good news for fans of natural products is that dermatologists and skin cancer experts agree that major points go to Zinc Oxide, a mineral that performs as a natural sunblock offering both UVA and UVB protection and is very stable in sunlight. Everyone from the Skin Cancer Foundation, to Vogue Magazine is recommending consumers seek zinc oxide.



80% of consumers buy their sunscreen based solely on its SPF rating. SPF (sun protection factor) only measures protection from UVB rays, ignoring the UVA radiation exposure that is also cancer causing and damaging to skin. The ridiculously high SPF’s (70+) are unsubstantiated and for the purpose of marketing.

As far as UVB protection, SPF 15 blocks 93% of UVB, SPF 30 blocks 97% and SPF 50 blocks 99%.

Since SPF excludes UVA protection information, the only way to insure your sunscreen offers UVA protection is to read the ingredient label. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends “looking for UVA blocking ingredient zinc oxide”, which is the closest thing to a total sunblock on the market today. A high quality sunscreen will have around 20% zinc content.


#2) SEEK MINERAL (zinc oxide) vs. CHEMICAL INGREDIENTS (all the rest)

Zinc is a physical sun blocker that actually reflects or bounces the sun’s ultraviolet rays off of your body. It has over a 300 year history of safety with no known adverse reactions (which is why it is used on even the youngest babies in diaper rash creams). On the flip side, chemical sunscreens (avobenzone, oxybenzone, homosalate, etc.) absorb the UVA rays once they hit your skin. Many chemical sunscreen ingredients have shown to be unstable when the rays are absorbed, causing the chemical to break down and cause free radical damage.



Its difficult to find a mineral sunscreen that is purely zinc. Most formulations rely on a blend of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. As far as performance, Titanium Dioxide degrades in the presence of uv light to form free radicals. Not good…especially if we are talking about use in a sunscreen. A new report from the American Cancer Society identifies Titamium Dioxide as one of their top “suspected carcinogens”.  The safety of Titanium Dioxide is one of the least well studied in humans, although it has been long established as a cancer causing agent in animal exposure studies. There is conflicting evidence as to whether nanoparticles of titanium dioxide can pass through the skin. But if nanoparticles do pass through, the presence of titanium dioxide in a large variety of sunscreens, cosmetic powders and creams may be a cause of concern.



Depending on the brand and zinc oxide content, mineral makeup has the potential to offer great everyday UVA/UVB protection. By applying a high quality organic mineral makeup with 20% zinc content or higher, you’ll get easy, natural sun protection everyday. So easy to apply, reapply and its non-irritating to even sensitive skin and eyes. Be sure to look for non-nanoparticle zinc and a formulation that’s free from titanium dioxide.



If you invest in a few key pieces of SPF treated swimwear, you’ll have a sunscreen alternative available if you are unable to apply sunscreen or need more protection after a few hours in the sun. Look for wide brim hats and rash guard shirts with long sleeves and higher collars. You’ll only have to reapply sunscreen to the skin that’s visible. NO sunscreen or block will stop 100% of harmful rays so adding a second physical blocker (SPF treated clothing) on top of physical blocker zinc oxide will be the ultimate protection for a long day in the sun.




If you are ready to buy sunscreen that meets or exceeds all these standards then check out Miessence Reflect Outdoor Balm on Its a fantastically effective, broad spectrum sun blocker with no synthetic chemicals (only mineral and organic ingredients). Environmental Working Group annually ranks the safety and effectiveness of 1700 SPF products and Miessence is consistently ranked in the Best Sunscreens list.

Read further into the ingredients and production of this product and you will agree it is above and beyond even other top ranked sunscreens. The Reflect Balm’s gold standard formulation is a whopping 22% microfine zinc oxide which offers protection from harmful rays while organic olive oil keeps the skin supple. Potent antioxidants including natural vitamin E, beta carotene and polygonum extract, protect the skin from premature aging and prevent damage caused by the elements.

  • Creates a physical sunblock that bounces the sun’s harmful rays off of your skin, unlike chemical sunscreens that absorb rays
  • Non-nanoparticle zinc; Reflect uses micronized (physically crushed zinc minerals) that is 150 nanometers
  • Non-coated minerals; Reflect’s mineral zinc is not coated with aluminum compounds, silicone compounds or titanium dioxide

While you are shopping, check out our mineral foundations as well. At 25% zinc oxide, they provide up to 5x the amount of zinc oxide sun protection of other brands. Its awesome!

We are so excited to officially launch the newly redesigned Organic website this month and so glad you are here! Since 2007 I have researched, read labels, comparison shopped and sifted through the most credible resources to study the benefits of organic, 100% synthetic free products. As a Miessence independent representative website, Organic offers you the most pure, potent and truly organic skincare, bodycare, home and nutrition products on the planet. Be sure to check out the reviews and testimonials.

Beyond that, the new site also serves as an informational resource. For those who wish to do their own consumer research, it was important for me to offer personal experiences, reputable study findings and easy ingredient label reading tips. Not to mention tons of tools to ask questions and share comments.

Check out the site and let us know what you think!

Miessence Customer Testimonials

Having suffered with a scalp rash for a year, I read that this could be caused by the parabens in shampoo. After just three treatments (ten days) with Miessence organic shampoo the rash began to reduce and after a month it has completely disappeared. I simply cannot thank you enough.

- Richard, United Kingdom