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New Formulation For Rainforest Air Freshener

Create the feeling of walking through a lush rain forest in your own home with the added pleasure of passing beneath a thick canopy of crisp, sweet lemon myrtle. Antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiseptic, lemon myrtle helps to both purify and perfume the air. A little spray of our newly formulated Rainforest Air Freshener here, a […]

Clean, Disinfect and Banish Mental Fatigue…all at the same time!

Essential oils can be used to make extremely effective and affordable home cleaning products. Lose the chemicals, disinfect and clean your home naturally while saving money. Try this simple recipe for lemon oil glass cleaner. Miessence Lemon Glass Cleaner 1 cup White Vinegar 3 cups water 10-15 drops of Miessence Organic Lemon Essential Oil Mix […]

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