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My Amazing 3 Day FAST-ing Fat Loss & Detox Diary & Review

If you are anything like the “pre – FAST” me, the thought of willingly going without food for a day (let alone 3 days) sounds extreme, scary, or downright wrong! Some of the thoughts that ran through my head were… “I’ll feel awful, weak, or could even pass out”…. “I can’t miss a meal without […]

Vitality Challenge is HERE!

When I consult with new customers most want to know how they can harness more energy, feel their absolute best and maintain an optimum level of health naturally. Everyone wants to feel better and stay that way. Which is why I’m so excited to share the news of Miessence’s Vitality Challenge Kit! So what is the big “secret” […]

Santa and his Berry Radical Energy Treats….

My daughter is five years old and Santa was a big topic of conversation around our house this year. She was so cute and funny trying to wrap her mind around his very important job of delivering presents all over the world in one night. When it came time for making him a treat to […]

Is Fire Quietly Raging In Your Intestinal Tract?

It seems there is constantly new evidence emerging on the critical role of “friendly” bacteria in human health. Although there is much to understand, it has been proven that probiotics are essential to human life, assist in the breakdown of food in the digestive tract, are critical to the absorption of nutrients, detoxifying the intestines, […]

New Study Pinpoints The Nation’s Most Toxic Industrial Plants

While many of us try to eat and drink clean, it is the unfortunate reality that the purity of the air we breathe is for the most part out of our hands. Proposed updates to EPA regulations and the diligent work of Earthjustice, the Clean Air Council, and the Sierra Club have revealed why we […]

Easy New Year’s Detox Diet? Probiotics + Chlorophyll….

Feeling kind of heavy and ‘bleh’ after celebrating the holidays? I do too! Sweets, fatty meals, not to mention alcohol… not exactly the best body fuels and the after effects are lingering. Although detox diets are quite effective and a wonderfully healthy way to reset your digestive tract and lose the extra pounds, today I’m […]

Greens for breakfast…?

For optimal health, it is recommended that 80% of our diet be alkaline foods (ie deep greens, grasses and veggies). In order to accomplish this you basically have to work in green leafy foods at every meal of the day. Greens for breakfast you say? I’ll show you how… And don’t worry, its delicious! Here […]

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