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Exposing Popular Brand “Organic” Skincare… Checkout Our Detective Work!

Before finding Miessence in 2009, I had been running in circles trying to find organic skincare and bodycare that was truly…. ORGANIC! Every “organic” product I had tried in the past had either blurred the definition of “organic”, disguised synthetic ingredients and synthetic processing  as naturally derived or was using chemical preservatives. I wanted the […]

What is Your TRUE Skin Type? Odds Are Its Not What You Think.

Working with clients, I find myself asking some pretty in-depth questions in order to reveal their true skin type and match them with the appropriate organic skincare regime. The tricky part can be the types of ingredients a new customer is currently using on their skin. Did you know that synthetics or even chemically processed […]

“Hidden” Ingredients May Be Aging Your Skin or Worse…

While researching and studying skincare ingredients for the last 6 years, one of the last pieces of the puzzle for me was an ingredient’s journey through manufacturing. It’s behind the scenes, it’s tough to uncover and it’s usually where a “faux organic” company hides its dark secrets and hidden ingredients. I’ve comprised some tips I’ve […]

Dry Skin Loves Rose Oil

The more well known natural moisturizing properties of fruit, nut and seed oils come to mind when we think about hydrating the skin. But what about flowers, specifically the rose? Rose oil has been used as a luxurious skin moisturizing treatment for many centuries. Think about how water droplets will bead up on a rose […]

Dr. Laura Koniver on Cosmetic Ingredients Safety & Cancer

If you’ve never read Dr. Laura Koniver’s blog Intuition Physician, be sure to check it out. We love her take on skincare topics and today she shared her thoughts on cosmetic safety. Check out her Intuition Physician blog During medical school, Dr. Laura worked at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD with a research […]

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