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What Are Beauty Balms? A Real Beauty Multi-tasker!

I’ve been reading about Beauty Balms in every national magazine this spring. The concept has been wildly popular in Asia and has now hit the US with American brands creating their own versions. But what are BB’s you say? Basically they are a type of foundation that plays double duty as skincare. Beauty Balms were […]

EcoSalon Ranks the 7 Best Products for A Healthy Self Tan

Beauty Editor Katherine Butler of EcoSalon, the conscious culture and fashion website, has ranked her seven favorite organic products for getting a safe, self tan this summer. Among the winners is the Miessence mineral bronzer and blush. She writes, “For the ultimate in color, consider separately applying both a bronzer and blush. Some products are […]

Dr. Laura Koniver on Cosmetic Ingredients Safety & Cancer

If you’ve never read Dr. Laura Koniver’s blog Intuition Physician, be sure to check it out. We love her take on skincare topics and today she shared her thoughts on cosmetic safety. Check out her Intuition Physician blog During medical school, Dr. Laura worked at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD with a research […]

Miessence Voted Top 10 BEST Organic Mascaras

FeelGood Style, Beauty with Integrity & writer Emma Pezzack from the site www.futurenatural.com: the best organic beauty products in the world, have published a list of the best organic mascaras on the market. Miessence is one of them! Here’s what they had to say about Miessence Mascara “One of the vanguards of modern organic beauty […]

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