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DIY ~ Probiotic Hand Sanitizer

Our friend Danika Carter, an Eco-Beauty Editor at Greenwala, posted a wonderful do it yourself recipe for organic Probiotic Hand Sanitizer using the Miessence BioPure Probiotic Concentrate. SUPER innovative, proven effective, safe and inexpensive! We thought this was too good not to share! Using probiotics (good bacteria) topically makes a lot of sense. Unlike the […]

Cleansing Bar With Exfoliating Sisal Bag

Packaging with a purpose! Cleanse and exfoliate in one simple step. Narelle Chenery, the founder of Miessence products tells you why these hand crafted cleansing bars are so unique.

Dr. Laura Koniver on Cosmetic Ingredients Safety & Cancer

If you’ve never read Dr. Laura Koniver’s blog Intuition Physician, be sure to check it out. We love her take on skincare topics and today she shared her thoughts on cosmetic safety. Check out her Intuition Physician blog During medical school, Dr. Laura worked at the National Cancer Institute in Bethesda, MD with a research […]

Is “Effective Natural Deodorant” An Oxymoron?

Does “effective” and “natural deodorant” sound like an impossible combination? Well, then you must not have tried Miessence! Our customers say again and again that “they have tried everything out there and this deodorant is the best”. I just read a 5 Star user rating review today from Green Options that confirms the performance of […]

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