Vision & Mission

Organic is a Miessence Independent Representative website that proudly upholds, promotes and aligns with the Miessence Vision and Mission worldwide.

Miessence Vision
We are a global community of heart centered, empowered individuals, grounded in deep reverence for Mother Nature, and our connection to one another, gratefully prospering through inspired actions that contribute to a thriving world.

Miessence’s Mission is to provide a haven for people who want to be part of a global transformation. As a pioneer in holistic business we create 100% pure, potent organic products that nurture true beauty and vibrant health. We aim to educate, inspire and empower our Customers & Independent Representatives by offering an exceptional business opportunity, fair & generous compensation, exciting leadership pathways and transformational education. We invite people everywhere to to be part of our vibrant, global community knowing that by doing so, the world will be changed.


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