Exceptional Organic Aloe Vera

Aloe has been used for thousands and thousands of years for its amazing healing properties for the skin. It is recognized worldwide as an effective treatment for burns, speeding the healing of wounds and bringing moisture to skin. For Miessence, it was the perfect choice as the base ingredient for so many of our formulations allowing us to produce a superior finished product. And of course we don’t use just any ordinary aloe!

Organic From Farm to Formulation

The Miessence certified organic aloe farm grows the Barbadensis Miller variety aloe crops according to the organic standard.

Every leaf is harvested by hand at the plant’s peak of maturity. Once cut, the leaves will naturally seal themselves within a short period to keep the gel inside the leaf fresh. To guard the leaves from being bruised or damaged in transportation, the processing is done very close to the aloe fields. Miessence Aloe is processed within one day of being harvested and the inner aloe gel (fillet) carefully removed by hand to minimize disruption.

Once the pulp and fiber is removed, the gel is then concentrated by low temperature evaporation in special equipment developed exclusively for our aloe supplier. The goal is to keep the aloe’s healing compounds, including polysaccharides and other bio-active components intact which would otherwise be destroyed by heat. The gel concentrate is not preserved, but freeze dried for transportation to the Miessence production facility where it is used immediately in nearly 75 Miessence products.

Miessence guarantees its organic aloe’s polysaccharide content (complex carbohydrates), unequaled in the industry, which makes our products so very beneficial to the skin.

Unequaled in the Industry

Many products in the Miessence product line feature a base ingredient of Organic Aloe. Miessence Organic Aloe Vera is in a class of its own for many reasons. Most measurably, our organic aloe has a guaranteed polysaccharide content that is unequaled in the industry.

What is polysaccharide?

Polysaccharides are bioactive long chain sugar molecules naturally found in the Aloe plant. Research has shown that polysaccharides are the responsible component for all of Aloe’s amazing skin healing properties. The higher the polysaccharide content the better the Aloe and Miessence has sourced the best available.


Laboratory Tested Results

The laboratory testing conducted on Miessence Aloe Vera speaks volumes on the quality of our products. No theories, no internal standards, no assumptions – just living proof! In all three trials of in vitro research, our Miessence Aloe Vera proved to accelerate skin cell growth. The results also showed us that the higher the concentration of our Aloe Vera gel, the larger the increase in skin cell regeneration (basal keratinocytes).

The study details start with a laboratory company called Organogenesis, Inc who had developed a testing process called the Living Skin Equivalent ™ marketed under the name Test Skin™. This system was developed in order to conduct certain types of toxicity testing on compounds in vitro as opposed to animal testing. Samples of our Miessence Aloe Vera were submitted to be tested using the LSE™ or Test Skin™ method. The testing results showed that of course the Aloe was found to be completely non-toxic. But the results also illustrated benefits to the skin that were surprising even to our product’s founder, Narelle Chenery. Excitingly, the Miessence Aloe was found to stimulate basal kertinocyte (skin cell) growth nearly fourfold!

In our quest to further validate these exciting findings, Miessence Aloe Vera samples were also submitted to In Vitro Alternatives, Inc., which is another independent testing facility skilled in the use of testing using LSE™. The testing conclusion from In Vitro Alternatives, Inc, states that “this test material appears to have caused a stimulation of cellular activity, such that this material enhances a cellular activity and viability.”

Based on these exciting findings, Miessence and our organic aloe vera supplier recognized the need for additional research on the subject of Aloe Vera gel and its ability to enhance cell growth. Our goal was to determine if yet another independent source could confirm these findings and reproduce the acceleration of basal kertinocyte growth. So, we sent our Aloe samples to the Illinois Institute of Technology Research (IITRI), a third testing facility also skilled in working with LSE™. The same accelerated cell growth pattern was again demonstrated.

Our exceptional organic aloe is yet another reason to use our pure, potent and fresh products liberally and with joy all over your body!

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