Our Ingredients

We take our certified organic status seriously. We’ve always used only the purest ingredients available from around the world and will stay current on all certification standards designed to disclose any and all information on our product ingredients, processing and final formulations.

Miessence Certified Organic Ingredients ARE

  • Organic Food Grade Purity. Grown, harvested, processed and packaged to the standards of organic food guidelines and third party certified as such.
  • Cold Pressed / Raw. Nearly every ingredient we use is “raw” and either cold pressed using our proprietary Bioactive Cold Formulation Process or physically processed at room temperature.
  • Never Exposed to Synthetics. We believe in pure physical processing methods such as cold pressing, dehydration, evaporation, filtering, grinding. Age old traditions that existed long before the invention of synthetic chemicals. NO synthetic chemicals or solvents touch our ingredients.
  • Fair Trade. Carefully sourced from the finest Fair Trade, certified organic farms all over the world and shipped fresh within hours of harvesting to Miessence for immediate production. 

Miessence Certified Organic Ingredients Are NOT

  • No “semi-natural” or “derived from” chemically processed ingredients
  • Not exposed to irradiation
  • Not grown with pesticides or fertilizers
  • Not genetically engineered and do not contain GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)
  • Not extracted or processed with petrochemicals
  • Free of all petrochemicals or manufacturing byproducts
  • Not processed with synthetics
  • Not produced synthetically
  • Not tested on animals

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