Why Certified Organic?

Have you purchased a product labeled “organic” or “all natural” only to get home and find ingredients that sound suspiciously like chemicals? Are you confused when you see a long, chemical sounding name followed by “from coconuts”? What about “hidden” ingredients like manufacturing byproducts?

We understand! Out of that same frustration came one woman’s journey to create the first line of certified organic products in which every ingredient is subject to the same certification standards of organic food. That journey resulted in the Miessence product range proudly created by Narelle Chenery and certified organic in 2001.

USDA Certification

Certified Organic products must comply with stringent International standards such as the USDA Organic in the U.S. and ACO (Australian Certified Organic) in Australia. These agriculture or “food grade” standards are the highest in existence for food or products. The certification covers all aspects of the production chain to ensure that the organic integrity is maintained. This includes crop seed, farming techniques, harvesting, storage, transporting and processing through to the finished product.


Without organic certification, anyone can say their product is Organic and natural, but with certification standards and 3rd party inspections of all production aspects, you know when you see a recognizable organic seal that you have a real organic product. USDA Organic and ACO certification is your guarantee of the authenticity and integrity of totally chemical-free products containing truly pure, untainted, organic ingredients.


Organic consumers need to be wary of not only misuse of the terms “organic” and “natural” but also of the private “organic” certifications set up by manufacturers that do allow the use of synthetic chemical ingredients and/or processing. If you are not familiar with the organic seal of certification, then you will need to research its standards. This is why Miessence took its products to the highest standards in the world, international organic food certifications like USDA Organic and Australian Certified Organic.


Enjoy the peace of mind that an independent certification gives by ensuring that what you read on the bottle is what you find inside…no more confusion from greenwashed, semi-natural or “derived from” ingredients. No more wasting time as a label detective or free lance chemistry student. You’ll be free to spend your time enjoying the beautiful products!

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