Preserving Products Naturally

What do you use to preserve your products if you do not use chemicals?

Miessence products are preserved using a natural and organic preservative system, which includes our proprietary blend of steam-distilled aromatic derivatives of natural herbs, leaves and twigs. The preserving ingredients vary from product to product and are all listed on the product labels.

Do Natural Preservatives Work?

Many synthetic cosmetic companies use the scare tactic that natural preservatives don’t work and allow a product to become dangerously ridden with bacteria. This is of course completely untrue, as we would have been out of business years ago!

The effectiveness of our organic preservatives are supported by long term stability testing, microbiological challenge testing, analysis of types of packaging in use, assessment of the potential for microbial contamination, reviewing analytical data from suppliers, quality control testing of raw materials and finished products, ensuring our manufacturing facilities minimize exposure to contaminants, understanding consumer habits and practices, and, importantly, Narelle’s extensive experience with her home-grown, unique formulations.

Third Party Testing

Not only does Miessence continuously test its own products for the preservative’s performance, but we also submit our products to a third party laboratory to test under the British Pharmacopoeia criteria. This is the official collection of standards for all medicinal products and pharmaceutical substances in the United Kingdom.

Every product must pass three tests for safety.

  1. The Microbiological Challenge which tests the combination of natural ingredients used as the preservative.
  2. The Preservative Efficacy Test which measures how effective the preservative performs under attack from bacteria, fungus and molds.
    • During this test the products are injected with millions of parts of different strains of gram negative bacteria, gram positive bacteria, yeast and mold.
    • Then the product is tested for purity at 0 hours, 48 hours, 72 hours, 14 days and 28 days and beyond. In order to pass the test, the natural preservative must quickly kill the bacteria or the product will not pass the test.
    • The Shelf Life Stability Test which monitors the preservatives effectiveness while emulating shipping conditions, extreme temperature changes, typical human usage, etc.


Airless Vacuum Pumps

Miessence has also developed distinctive airless vacuum pumps for many of our bottles, highly desirable for naturally preserved products due to the fact that it keeps air and airborne contaminants out of the bottles. This feature significantly assists the function of our natural preservative system and shelf life of our products.


Fresh By Date & Use By Date

On each Miessence product there is a Fresh By Date which applies to unopened products. Essentially this is the shelf life of an unopened product before it will lose potency and/or expire. Use By Dates are also printed on every Miessence product and appear as an open jar icon with 3M, 6M or 12M indicating the product’s expiration after opening. After opening, you will need to use this product within the specified time frame (3 months, 6 months or 12 months), taking precedence over the Fresh By Date.

Common Sense Safety Practices

If your product smells funny, appears to have changed color or has mold, then its time to throw it out. These same usage instructions are used for products preserved with chemicals or products preserved naturally.

For example, due to its application methods and close contact with the eyes, all mascaras have a short shelf life. Our Miessence mascara’s specified Use By Date is 3 months.

These same safety parameters are given for the mascara formulations created by one of the world’s largest drugstore makeup brands, which specifies on their website “The shelf life of mascara is approximately three months, depending on your usage habits. After that period of time you should throw it out and get a new one. Doing otherwise increases your chances of having an eye infection.”

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