“Made With” Organic Ingredients

Its semantics on a label, but the difference in a certified organic product formulation versus a “made with” certified organic ingredients is immense. Just because some of the ingredients are organic ingredients does not mean the entire product formulation is certified organic. Even if a majority of the products ingredients are certified organic, that doesn’t tell a consumer anything about the standards of the remaining ingredients. Be careful that you are looking at a product level certification, not an ingredient level certification.

Chemical Processing Taints Organic Ingredients
Significant differences occur in the processing standards of an uncertified “all-natural” or “organic” product. Synthetic chemicals are introduced in the manufacturing of a natural source ingredient, contaminating the purity of not only the ingredient, but the product as a whole. Processing ingredients with synthetic chemicals is strictly prohibited in a certified organic product.

Unregulated and Deceptive Practices
Many companies create products that are a mix of organic ingredients and synthetic chemicals, but heavily market them as organic. This cost slashing, deceptive industry practice is commonly done by mixing organic herbs with water and making a floral water, basically a tea-like ingredient, which then would barely justify the organic ingredient claim.

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