Save 20% & Earn Free Organic Products While Changing the World!

Miessence has created an international community of people who recognize the importance of making certified organic products part of every day life. Truly a lifestyle company for organic fanatics seeking the most pure, potent and fresh products on earth! In return, Miessence offers frequent customers the best discounts, free products, expert educational events and more.

Last year, Miessence released a program to reward loyal customers with an easily attainable, continuous 20% off discount. Its easy! All you have to do is make one qualifying purchase of $150 and you will receive 20% off that purchase and also 20% off any and all future purchases, of any size, for life! To maintain your 20% off discount, the only requirement is one purchase annually. You can read the details on the Organic Lifestyle Membership page.

So this year they have come up with a whole new level of savings and benefits for Lifestyle Members called the MiRewards program. Sign up for a flexible and convenient autoship monthly or bimonthly and you’ll receive points for every purchase allowing you to redeem points on free products on future orders! MiRewards members will also be given access to exclusive offers (double points!), a free monthly Miessence Lifestyle E-magazine and transformational organic health expert educational events.

MiRewards is super flexible….

  • Choose from the 5th, 15th or 25th of the month as a ship date
  • Have an order ship every month, or every other month
  • Optional added value product packs of popular products
  • Create one standing order, or a rotation of two standing orders
  • Bypass option which allows you to manually shop on your own to create your qualifying order for the month, cancelling out your standing autoship order

MiRewards is open to Miessence Lifestyle Members and Independent Representatives. (see below for enrollment details)

Change the world – one purchase at a time

Miessence’s range of certified organic products work in harmony with nature to nourish and replenish. No synthetic chemicals are used, so what is returned to nature is as pure as what came out. Considering a switch to food grade certified organic products positively impacts the health of humans, air, water and soil.

To thank you for making a stand with Miessence – and all the sustainable farmers who supply our organic ingredients – for the benefit and love of the planet, we want to welcome you to MiRewards.

MiRewards Benefits

As a MiRewards member, you earn points every purchase which can be redeemed on Miessence products.

That means getting your most used products for free, or put towards products you haven’t already tried – the choice is yours. You may even discover a new favorite!

With MiRewards:

  • Receive free Miessence products
  • Receive exclusive promotional offers
  • An exclusive invitation to spend Fridays with Miessence founder Narelle Chenery for the Fridays with Narelle podcast to learn how to transform your world
  • Free monthly Miessence Lifestyle Member newsletter
  • Receive the best possible price on your favourite Miessence products
  • Receive the cheapest possible shipping
  • Receive convenient automatic delivery on your schedule

Join MiRewards

MiRewards is open to Miessence Lifestyle Members and Independent Representatives.

To join MiRewards:

Lifestyle Members

  • Shop on the Miessence web site and purchase the Premium Body Care Essentials or Skin Essentials Plus pack or place an initial order of $150 or greater (£90, €105, ¥14,000, $NZ170)
  • At checkout, just click the link to Join MiRewards.
  • Follow the easy instruction to set your MiRewards Autoship account

As a MiRewards member, you will start earning points from your very first order.

Miessence Independent Representative

If you are a Miessence Independent Representative, just activate your monthly AutoShip order to receive automatic membership. If  you have questions on how to setup  your autoship order, just let us know.
Ultimate Flexibility: You can change your regular order and preferred payment method at any time through your secure online Miessence account called MiAccount.

You can change the shipping address of your order too – imagine the convenience of having your Miessence products delivered to your holiday destination!

How To Become A Lifestyle Member & Enroll in MiRewards

Miessence Lifestyle Members receive 20% off every order.

Becoming a Lifestyle Member is easy – simply shop on your own to make an initial order of $150 or greater (£90, €105, ¥14,000, $NZ170) or save time and purchase the Miessence Organic Lifestyle Essentials pack as your qualifying purchase.

You will

  • Receive 20% off your initial order
  • Be invited to join MiRewards to experience the convenience of always having your favourite products automatically delivered to your door and earn points on the purchase of Miessence products you use every day
  • You will receive 20% off every future order for life*

*Based on a minimum of one order per year. If you decide to no longer remain in MiRewards, you can retain your 20% Lifestyle Member discount but you must place an order at least once a year.

Do you have questions on how to sign up for MiRewards, how to manage an existing MiRewards autoship order or how to override an existing Autoship order? Simply contact us and we would be happy to help. You may also refer to detailed instructions on  the Organic Glow / Miessence shop MiRewards page. 

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