FLASH SALE! 40% Off Orders of 150pv or more!

If you have been wanting to place a Miessence order….  I’ve got great news! In celebration of Miessence reaching a Facebook page goal, they just announced access to an amazing special offer for *you* for one week only.

From now until midnight Sunday, February 17th every order over 150PV is 40% off!

This offer is open to new customers, current customers and reps alike.

To redeem this offer, just shop until you have 150pv (product points) in your cart. Then you will need to enter the promo code: FB3000 – (remember FB is upper case) for the 40% off to apply.

*this offer excludes the Vitality Challenge sampler kit as that is a non-discountable item. The Vitality Challenge kit can be part of the contents of the order to reach the 150pv, but the 40% off will apply only to the other items in your cart. At this price…forget the sampler! Go straight for the full size Vitality Pack!

Any questions? As always, I’m here to help you!


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