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Are there a few people left on your gift list who could use more energy or are just “run down”? How about someone who likes the idea of converting to truly organic skincare or bodycare? I’d be happy to assist anyone in your life who wants to make HEALTHY changes, be that with wholefood nutritional support, easy detoxification or reducing synthetic chemical exposures in their products.

Buy any size gift certificate and I’ll provide your “giftee” a FREE phone consultation to guide them to products to support their health goals. Maybe they would like to switch to wholefoods, have an interest in probiotics, need help selecting an organic perfume or treating skin issues naturally with the Miessence line.

Miessence nutritional supplements are not “vitamin pills” or isolates…. but deliver nutrients in the bioavailable form of whole foods. Raw, organic, superfoods! Our skincare and bodycare is truly unique in that the formulations are certified to organic food grade standards, made fresh every 30 days and the ingredients are raw.

Let me know if I can assist you in making your list and checking it twice! I’m always available to provide consulting on the Miessence product line and the most pure, potent and fresh products on the planet!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!


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