Is Fire Quietly Raging In Your Intestinal Tract?

It seems there is constantly new evidence emerging on the critical role of “friendly” bacteria in human health. Although there is much to understand, it has been proven that probiotics are essential to human life, assist in the breakdown of food in the digestive tract, are critical to the absorption of nutrients, detoxifying the intestines, colon and liver and protecting the body from disease causing bacteria.

Often quietly, bad bacteria begin to outnumber good and the results can lead to health conditions ranging from mild to extremely severe. One example of a quiet consequence of a bacterial imbalance is nutrient deficiencies. Due to the stomach acid being altered, the body’s ability to absorb vitamins, amino acids, and minerals becomes severely compromised. Other health problems like irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune diseases, leaky gut, asthma, food allergies and sensitivities and cycles of colds, flu and infections are also tied to a deficiency in good bacteria.

Important right? Unfortunately, these good guys are constantly under attack. If you think of good bacteria in the intestinal tract as a lush forest; many things in our lives can ignite a forest fire. Stress, alcohol, common preservatives in food, caffeine, chlorine and fluoride in tap water, birth control pills and synthetic vitamins kill off our good bacteria. Most devastating is the effect of antibiotics. A Stanford University School of Medicine study revealed that after just two cycles of a commonly prescribed antibiotic, some beneficial types of bacteria were still completely wiped out or at substandard levels 6 months later. The study also notes that the second round delivered even stronger destruction, with patients who recovered after the first round, having incomplete recovery after the second.

The good news is that a person’s “probiotic forest” can grow back again with time and care. I have witnessed the power of probiotics on health within my own family and with my customer’s positive feedback. Nutrient deficiencies documented and corrected, energy restored, constipation regulated, asthma improved, and infections & colds of all kinds reduced. Of course I am not talking about just any supplement… but the superior, organically cultured strains used in Miessence InLiven and Fast Tract products. Even customers who had been taking other probiotic supplements without improvement were pleasantly surprised when they could see and feel the difference with Miessence products.

Supplementation is critical for everyone and with many options available, its important to know what to look for in a good probiotic.

Why is InLiven the most superior probiotic supplement on the market?

  • The world’s first & only certified organic probiotic. Our strains are carefully cultured on certified organic fruits, veggies and grains. Other company’s methods include fast tracking bacterial growth on fecal matter in bio-reactors or genetically modifying bacteria.
  • The strains developed for InLiven and Fast Tract have been cultivated for 25 years in order to thrive even in the acidic stomach environment, against cold, heat, chlorine, salt and many common preservatives found in food today.
  • Contains the full family of 13 strains of Lactobacillus bacteria. Our experience shows that if you provide the body with these 13 strains together, they have the ability to create an environment where the other 100′s of sub-strains that are vital to the body can exist and multiply.
  • Since our superstrain bacteria travel with their own food source (the fermented superfoods), they are healthy, active and ready to colonize immediately after they are consumed. No need for them to battle each other for food to survive.
  • The hardiest bacteria! Miessence has tested probiotic retention samples that are ten years old that are sill viable to this day.

Why the Superfood Component?

  • Great nutrition delivered optimally for absorption. Check out InLiven’s ingredient list of 26 certified organic wholefoods! These powerhouse ingredients contain 18 amino acids (including the 8 essentials), significant enzymes, and a broad spectrum of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.
  • The fermenting process breaks down the cellulose lining that encases a food’s nutrients, this allows the body to instantly assimilate the broad spectrum of nutrients as soon as its consumed.  With the work of digestion already started there is 100% bio-availability and no nutrients lost.

If you would like to learn more, you can watch the following video on InLiven and probiotic health from the product’s creator, Narelle Chenery.

Do you have questions on how to support your body’s friendly bacterial balance? Please let me know, I’m here to help!

Thanks for your interest!
Alison Price



Jordan - September 9, 2012 4:35 pm

This article is worth reading, Thank you very much!

Sherrie Smythe - April 12, 2013 10:06 pm

Really looking forward to reading more. Fantastic.

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