Easy New Year’s Detox Diet? Probiotics + Chlorophyll….

Feeling kind of heavy and ‘bleh’ after celebrating the holidays? I do too! Sweets, fatty meals, not to mention alcohol… not exactly the best body fuels and the after effects are lingering. Although detox diets are quite effective and a wonderfully healthy way to reset your digestive tract and lose the extra pounds, today I’m sharing an easy “shortcut” that benefits everybody.

Probiotics, Detoxing & Weight Loss

An adequate good bacteria count is essential for the body to properly detox. When good bacteria levels are optimal, the body’s waste is more effectively eliminated and less will be stored in our gut and colon. Sometimes several pounds of toxins and waste can be “stuck” inside our digestive tract just waiting to be broken down and eliminated. Good bacteria will accomplish this job for us and customers have reported weight loss by simply taking a teaspoon of InLiven every day. Similar to a juice fast or detox diet, probiotics will help your liver, colon and entire body cleanse itself of waste which can equate to weight loss and an optimally functioning digestive system.

Chlorophyll & Detoxing
In addition to probiotics, I’d also like to mention the detoxing benefits of chlorophyll. The fermented organic wheat grass and alfalfa grass featured in InLiven deliver high amounts of chlorophyll instantly assimilated. Chlorophyll is found in in varying amounts in all plants, but has a molecular structure nearly identical to the hemoglobin of human blood. In hemoglobin the center atom is iron, whereas in chlorophyll the center atom is magnesium.Chlorophyll is the “blood” of plants and is extremely rich in nutrients. It is a known detoxifier and helps promote cleansing of toxins from the cells. Not to mention, chlorophyll helps rebuild and replenish our red blood cells, oxigenates the body, boosts energy almost instantly.
Our In Liven organic probiotic from Miessence repopulates the gut with 13 super strains of good bacteria and the food that the bacteria needs to survive to colonize inside our digestive tract. With over 400 strains and substrains of bacteria needed for a healthy body, Miessence picked the 13 strain leaders to set up shop and provide a welcoming environment for other strains to thrive. Since caffeine, alcohol, stress, common food preservatives, chlorine in tap water and antibiotics can wipe out our body’s good bacteria, everyone’s health can benefit from daily probiotic supplementation. Did you know that after taking two rounds of common antibiotics, studies show it can take 6 months to a year for friendly bacteria levels to return to normal?
Start 2012 off right and do something wonderful for yourself and your whole family – order cleansing, immune boosting, nutrition packed InLiven!

30 Day Easy Probiotic Cleanse
  • Triple your daily dose of Inliven (1 teaspoon, 3 times a day) for 30 days

Accelerated Probiotic Cleanse
  • Take a triple dose of Fast Tract, our most potent probiotic due to its liquid form (25 ml, 3 times a day) for 30 days
  • Also take a triple dose of InLiven (1 teaspoon, 3 times a day) for 30 days
  • Fast Tract & InLiven can be combined or consumed seperately.
  • Fast Tract has 15 times more probiotics per milliliter because this is possible in liquid form. Perfect for those who have never used probiotics or have been setback by a round of antibiotics in the last 12 months. Transition to InLiven for daily probiotic maintenance and more complete superfood nutritional benefits.


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Jordan Milas - June 19, 2013 11:19 am

A detox diet is the ultimate health and beauty boost, and the perfect way to kick-off a weight-loss program.

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